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Great Grandmaster Liu Yun-Qiao

Great Grandmaster Liu Yun Qiao

Founder of Wu-Tan and master of styles such as Bajiquan, Piguazhang and Baguazhang.
Grandmaster Kurt Wong

Grandmaster Kurt Wong

Our instructor's shifu teaches traditional guoshu in the city of Anchorage, Alaska.
Sifu Paolo Castaneda

Shifu Paolo Castaneda

Wu-Tan's proud tradition was brought to Oslo by Shifu Paolo Castaneda, head instructor at Oslo Wu-Tan.

Du Yi Ze

Picture of Du Yi-Ze

1895 - 1990
Styles: Chen style Taijiquan.

Du Yi Ze studied Chen taijiquan from Chen Yen-Xi (the father of Chen Fa-Ke). Du's father, Du Yen, was a government official in charge of the region containing the Chen village. Chen Yen-Xi worked as Du Yen's bodyguard protecting his home and family as well. This gave Du Yi-Ze the opportunity to learn Lao Jia from him. Du also learned a variation of the Chen style, Hu Lei Jia (Thunder style) taijiquan from Chen Ming-Pao.

Master Du taught his version of Chen style taijiquan in Taiwan. Many of his students were referred by Grandmaster Liu Yun-Qiao. Grandmaster Liu Yun-Qiao had always held Chen taijiquan in high esteem and encouraged his students to learn taiji from Du. The popularity of Du Yi-Ze's version of Chen taijiquan can be attributed to many instructors in the Wu-Tan lineage.